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Spiritual Nudges

We all get spiritual nudges.

Those moments when a thought pops in our head, for example, and we feel the need to pay attention to it. That is exactly what has been happening to me lately. Right before Christmas, I kept thinking of an old friend. This is someone who I haven't seen in many years but who I grew up with and was close friends with when I was younger. I couldn't get her our of my mind. I even mentioned it to a friend who encouraged me to reach out to her. Sadly, I didn't. Several days after Christmas I received an email from her letting me know her mother had passed away the day after Christmas. Now I understood.

Numerology popped into my head. Numbers have great significance to many for all different kinds of reasons. Early in my development of mediumship I was drawn to numerology. Numerology is the study of the numbers and the spiritual qualities they possess. The numbers in your date of birth and the letters in your name at birth hold energy for us. They create an opportunity for our soul to follow the blueprint established prior to our birth. So I began to think about a numerology reading I had done many years ago. I even mentioned it to a friend and told her I had to look for it. It was drawing me to it. I finally looked for it and to my surprise I found it! The date of the reading was the exact date I found it, just 5 years prior! I was supposed to find the reading and draw more inspiration from it. I truly believe that.

We are all receiving spiritual nudges. Repeated numbers, random thoughts that have meaning, signs and symbols from the universe that support us and guide us on our path. All we need to do is recognize them. Sometimes not so easy to do. But if we only open up our awareness to them and suspend our disbelief for just a moment, what a magical and wondrous experience we can have.

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