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I am offering mediumship readings during which I will bring forth recognizable evidence and messages from       loved ones who have crossed over. During the reading, the flow of evidence may include personality traits,          physical descriptions, memories and other significant details specific to your loved one in spirit. Spirit will often provide messages of love, hope and inspiration. I am also offering a half hour and hour psychic readings. Payment for reading is due upon scheduling to reserve the appointment. No refunds are offered for missed appointments.

All in person readings are offered at

Turning Point Healing Arts & Education  Center in Ridgefield, CT.



Tuesday's  from 12:30 -5:30pm.

Weekend appointments are available upon request..     

Readings are also available over the phone, FaceTime or via Zoom.

 A travel fee will be added when distance is further than 15 miles if I travel to your home.  

                   Gift Certificates are available. Please email with any questions. 

+++++++To schedule a reading for those in Dana's Moms Facebook Group,

 please contact me directly via email to schedule.+++++++


Mediumship Reading Tips  

To get the most out of your reading, there are some things to keep in mind before having your mediumship reading.

• Set an intention of who you would like to connect with but understand that may not be who comes through.


• Keep an open mind.

• Be open to anyone coming through.

• Don't miss the information that does come through by being focused on hearing from only one person, or one thing from one specific person.

• Don't give me too much information. I want you to be sure that the information I give you is from your loved one.

• Just validate with "yes", "no", or " I'm not sure."

• Don't add information . Just respond to the information provided.

.Don't try to control the reading.

• Spirit will decide who comes through, not you and not me.

• You may take notes or record. 

• There may be things that you can't immediately validate.

• Later on, something may come to you, or family or friends may validate things you were unaware of.

• Do not expect your passed relatives to 'tell you what to do.'

• Our lessons are ours alone to learn.

• Mediumship readings are a way that our passed loved ones can confirm that they are with us always.

• When I ask for questions near the end of the reading, ask only the people who have come through.

• Don't ask for additional people to come through. If they were suppose to, they would have. Focus on the people who do come through, not who hasn't.

• Spirits work very hard to contact you through me.

• Open your heart and mind to whatever it is they decide to communicate with you.

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