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Course Correction

How do we come to understand when things just don't go our way. We seem to be going along in life and then we are faced with difficult and challenging situations. We try to comprehend why these circumstances come into our lives. What is the purpose for them and how do we cope? I like to think of these situations as course corrections.

I believe we all come into this life with predetermined lessons that we are eager to learn. Our soul may want gain a deeper understanding of humility, compassion or patience for example. We seem to create scenarios in our lives which will assist us to achieve the lesson chosen. When we veer off or are slow to learn, I like to conceptualize the difficulties we face as a way to course correct. For example, a soul has come into this life eager to learn humility. Yet this soul has chosen a personality that is ego driven. This ego finds gratification with l all things material. Over time, life experiences have not tempered this ego and humility is a challenge for this ego to understand. Events may begin to occur that challenge this person, forcing them to face the superficiality of their ego. As a result of these circumstances, they begin to see that their ego is getting them into bigger and bigger trouble. Humility, the lesson chosen for this life, comes to the forefront and is internalized. They have had a course corrections.

We have all experienced course corrections and witnessed it in others. I like to think of them as a way for us to get back on track when we have veered off.

We can ask ourselves, why is this situation in my life and what am I to learn from it? I bet you it is an opportunity for you to learn and grow a deeper understanding of what you are here to learn.

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