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I am offering 3 mentorship programs that are individualized to each student. Each include an initial free consultation to determine your needs and goals. The focus of the programs are learning the mechanics of mediumship, including ways to develop and deepen your understanding of and connection to spirit. The sessions are one on one to help support you in your development. There will be supervised practice mediumship readings, homework, and recommended readings. Readings are recorded for future viewing. Sessions are approximately an hour. You may also send me recorded practice readings you do for discussion and feedback. No refunds are offered.
1 Session Program- $90
5 Week Program- $450
8 Week Program- $720

Please email me at to schedule.

Student Reviews

"When I started a more committed journey into developing my mediumship abilities,  I joined a Facebook group aimed at developing mediums and was introduced to online Mediumship Development and Practice Circles.  I was very fortunate to join one that was run by Stacey.  


Her style completely resonated with me, so much so I took the chance of contacting her outside the group and asked if she offered Mentorship.  The ability to teach and guide in a respectful yet disciplined manner is an absolute gift and I am so grateful she said yes.


If preparing yourself for many different client situations is your objective, whilst receiving invaluable constructive feedback, and having sufficient time to integrate lessons (including life lessons), then I highly recommend taking up a mentorship with Stacey.  But do be prepared to do your homework!


Her training and ongoing self-development provides a powerful platform from which to learn.  I look forward to the continuation of my mentorship with her and believe it will be for the long term.  A mentorship with Stacey will put you on a development projectory and from my perspective comes very highly recommended."


Cape Town, South Africa

It was awesome!! I have you to thank for helping me so much with my mediumship. Your words and wisdom are always with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤ 


Ringoes, New Jersey

Stacey holds high expectations and incredible supportive energetic space for each of her students. Stacey has solid beliefs that each and every student Medium can improve and grow. This belief along with her practical teachings make a wonderful investment for any student, whether beginning, intermediate or advanced mediumship journey. I recommend her whole heartedly.


                                                                        Santa Monica, California

Thank you for the wonderful mentorship. It pushed me forward so much and I feel so much better now giving a reading.



Stacey is a great Mentor/Teacher. She is patient and direct. I never felt I couldn't ask her a question or approach her. She helped me understand spirit in a way that resonated with me.. 


                                                                          Buffalo, New York

Stacey has helped me "clean up" and "polish" my mediumship. She is kind, very knowleadgeable and would be an asset to anyones mediumship development path.


                                                                             Arvada, Colorado

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