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Butterflies as a Wink from Heaven


Can a butterfly be a sign from Heaven? As I was walking today with my dog I came upon a beautiful butterfly lying in the street. It was so quiet and still I almost thought it wasn’t alive. It just stayed long enough for me to take a picture. It was an incredible moment and I thought, “could that be a sign from heaven?” As our minds tend to do, I dismissed it as happenstance. Our minds are wonderful in their ability to dismiss, doubt and come up with alternative explanations for the magical winks from heaven that we all receive on a daily basis. Sure there is a reasonable explanation to what I experienced. But I wanted to believe differently. Moments later I saw the second butterfly. “Wow”I thought!”. I had just been thinking about how there are times we all go through that we just don’t feel that connection to the Universe. That’s how I was feeling. You get so consumed with life that we feel a disconnect. I was just receiving the message that these times are important in life to take care of well life! It doesn’t mean we are disconnected just busy doing other things. So I thought, “well if I see a third I’ll take it as a sign.” And there it was! A beautiful butterfly to assure me of my connection to the Universe, to spirit, to all that is! These magical winks from heaven are available to all of us as we open our awareness to them and we choose to believe. Today it was a butterfly. I wonder what tomorrow’s will be!

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