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Meet Stacey

Evidential Psychic Medium

I am an Evidential Psychic Medium who is able to bring forth recognizable 

evidence and messages that your loved ones, in spirit, are truly 

communicating with you.


I began my spiritual journey in earnest in 2013 after becoming keenly aware of the spirit world. I have  studied with many tutors from the prestigious Arthur Findlay College. My advanced training was under the guidance of Reverend Janet Nohavec at The Journey Within Spiritualists' National Union  Church. 

I have a B.S. in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Social Work from Fordham University.  Psychological and social work services are not included in my work, however,  I do feel strongly that  these professional skills enhance my work as a medium and a mentor. 

I am proud to be a recommended  medium at The Journey Within Spiritualists' National Union Church. I also have a listing on Bob Olsen's Best Psychic Directory. 

Meet Stacey

Stacey Decea

Evidential Psychic Medium

Why Naturopathy

My story

It’s all starts with the sudden passing of my grandmother in the year 2000 but it doesn’t begin there. In looking back on my childhood, I can say that I was always a intuitive and empathic person. I preferred my own company and could spend hours alone in imaginary play. I never felt alone even though I was by myself.


Throughout my life I have always had premonitions and knowings. They simply were part of who I was and I never thought anything of it. My fascination with all things psychic and metaphysical led me to consider studying Parapsychology in college.


Thinking how I would make a career of it, I chose to study Psychology instead. This led to a Masters degree and career in Social Work which gave purpose to my passion of helping people in need.


When I married and had children, I decided I would focus my energy on raising my children.That was my life until 10 days after the sudden passing of my maternal grandmother when she visited me in a vivid dream. Dream visits from family members who had passed became a common occurrence for me. It all began to change when people I hardly knew began to visit. Then I came to understand that I could connect with those in spirit while awake. Thus began my amazing journey into Mediumship.


Synchronistic events began to flood my awareness. I simply decided to follow the breadcrumbs as I came to call them. These led me to wonderful experiences and teachers who helped me grow and develop my craft. I feel my entire life has led me to this moment. My readings allow me to help people in a deep and meaningful way.


During a reading you will come to understand that your loved ones in spirit are only a thought away and continue their loving connection to you always. Being the voice for the spirit world has become my passion and purpose.

Stacey Decea as a young girl.
Stacey Decea

Psychic Fair


"Stacey was able to give me a very important message from someone who really needed to say sorry. She was spot on, professional, clear and caring in her delivery of the message.

I was very impressed..."


— Stephen

Tenderden, England


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